Elsy Aumann

Elsy Aumann


Elsy Aumann has been fascinated by color, fashion and art ever since she was a child growing up in her native Venezuela. For many years, she put aside her love for the fine arts to start her own company, Graphic Vision, and build a career as a commercial graphic artist, creative director and photographer.

Based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, since 1994, Elsy has recently resurfaced as a fine artist with a unique and exciting line. By combining her skills in graphic design and photography with her vivid imagination, Elsy has created a series of art “trends” in mixed-media that reflects her love for nature, organic forms, memorable places and the events that comprise the collage of human existence along with her passion for the landscapes of her travel adventures.

Elsy creates eye-popping pieces that paradoxically blend reality and illusion. With pencil and brush strokes altering surfaces and textures, she creates an illusion of a reality not seen in the original pictures, going deep beneath the surface to accent the emotional impact of the concept or scenes. Me-L’arte is one of Elsy’s trends. As the name suggested, it focuses on self, making “you” the center of attention. Every piece is produced by "commission" only, using fingerprints and other unique features of your body and face.

Part of this trend is her Sign-Art-ure Series, in which Elsy transforms your signature into a fascinating work of art suitable for any office space or the walls of your home. Also in this category is a sensual trend called Art-Rotic.

Tapping into her personal experiences and journeys, Elsy has created a world of hyperrealism. In the trends Contrast-Art and Viaje-Art, she captures snippets of life from her many travels. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Elsy’s work in this realm is worth ten times that. She uses polarization and other techniques to create a mood and tell a story, heightening the experience far beyond the stark reality.

Her Décor-Art trend features images of architectural designs, altered to present a different perspective that magically transforms everyday sights into dreamlike visions. Elsy has many more trends in the works, and in her mind. Her goal is to create art that uplifts and inspires others, feeding souls through her imagery.



Creativity using "you" as the center of attention is my primary goal, but I also want to transport people to dimensions outside their normal experience. I feel renewed and transformed every time I'm out with my camera, capturing what I see and paying tribute to the great experience of travel. My purpose is to create art with a personalized touch as well as expand our limited horizons.



Exclusive "Limited Edition" Fine Art Prints are available on each Collection and can only be purchased by email request to info@elsyaumann.com or calling (954) 445-4273. Go to www.ElsyAumann.com to see the number of editions and respective print sizes for each image. Prints do not come framed unless requested and are printed on Hot Press Paper, personally signed by the artist with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity. Shipping is available both domestically and internationally but is not included in the pricing.


Each image is available as a fine art giclée print on the material you choose. This method of spraying archival inks ensures color accuracy, vibrancy and luminosity for a picture-perfect print, true to the original fine art piece. Artisan framing and shipping is available. See every image individually for prices and size options. Sizes can also be customized. Email info@elsyaumann.com or call (954) 445-4273 for more information.

LICENSING: If you are interested in viewing the selection of images available for licensing, please visit: http://www.prime.500px.com/ElsyAumann